Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Anthony Burrill'In A New Place' Kemistry Gallery

The new show by Anthony Burrill opened at Kemistry last week to a huge amount of interest.
As I walked in I could barely get to see the artwork for the amount of people crammed in the see Burrill's new work and for good reason. This show marked a new step for Burrill as he has been diversifying his very stylistic approach somewhat.
Burrill who is famous for his use of clean and clear type and imagery in Screenprinting, this time has started experimenting with 3-d aspects and created pieces using materials such as perspex and plastic. His stunning use of colour has really been brought into a new light and the few pieces he created using mirrored perspex give a real art deco feel and his attention to detail, such as the fact that instead of just getting a leaflet about the exhibition you were actually given a set of six A5 prints (which are currently being displayed on my wall) really made the whole show a bit special.
The show runs until the 5th of September. Check it out.

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