Monday, 27 July 2009

Local Natives - Daytrotter Ep

After being set aback by their amazing live show supporting Of Montreal a few weeks ago I felt it only right to give their debut ep a review. I acquired a copy after the band very kindly asking if I would mind swapping one of my 'Of Montreal' prints for it, a fair swap I would say.
This five track sampler is merely scraping the surface of the potential for Local Natives. With a sound echoing that similar Alt Country sound that shot Fleet Foxes into the mainstream last year, Local Natives are contributing to a growing scene of people that are creating truly great music. The last song, a cover of an early Talking Heads song 'Warning Sign' doesn't just do it justice, it completely revolutionises the sound.
Their stunning vocal harmonies and delightful pop hooks draw you in draw you in and let the rest of the music wash over you as refreshingly as a cold beer on a hot summers day.

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