Monday, 20 July 2009

Jay Reatard - Watch Me Fall

Jay Reatard is a name that has been bounding about in the music world for quite some time now and so it should be, this man has been involved in so many different bands, projects, collaborations, etc and at this point in time you will find his name in 23 different album releases ranging from garage rock legends The Lost Sounds and The Reatards to side projects Deconstruction Unit and Angry Alves, he has released 7” splits with Sonic Youth and Deerhunter and averages around 150 gigs a year(despite some only lasting 10 minutes.) So even though ‘Watch Me Fall’ being only his second studio album if you haven’t heard his name before, why the hell not?
Watch me fall combines his original punk and garage ethics but pushes his own boundaries further by adding a few well produced pop hooks into the mix, which makes his music certainly more accessible but in doing so does not lose any of the Reatard charm and the lyrics themselves are as dark and forcefull as ever.
The album was recorded entirely in his home studio With each instrument played and recorded by Reatard. It feels a lot cleaner production wise than some of his earlier work which has advantages and disadvantages, yes it certainly shows his sound in a new light but it does seem to lose a bit of that raw energy and impact that his live shows are well known for.
Either way this is still a very good album and as it develops you seem to be let more and more into the wonderful world of Jay Reatard, with tracks such as ‘My Reality’ and the proper old school punk, ‘Hang Them All.’ His music is very reminiscent of early Ramones and Clash, with simple, catchy songs that pack a punch. He has taken these influences and developed a real style, to the point where his songs are very recognizable.
It is certainly onwards and upwards for a man who is doing things the hard way and succeeding.

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