Sunday, 26 July 2009

Sunset Rubdown - Dragonslayer

Sunset Rubdown are one of the many Canadian supergroups to come out of Canada over the last few years, made up of founding member Spencer Krug of Wolf Parade fame and Wynne Ingr from Pony Up! and others.
Since first hearing these guys I have always had a soft spot for their delightful brand of weird yet charming indie. In fact their last album 'Random Spirit Lover' had a prime position in my top ten from last year so I had high expectations for their latest addition Dragonslayer.
Having already broken the barrier and let their sound sink in, Dragonslayer for me is an instant hit, as with 'Random Spirit,' their songs have a tenancy to go far beyond the three minute pop indie hooks and where you would be expecting the songs to end they suddenly pick up and go a different direction, songs such as the six minute 'Idiot Heart' which builds up to an epic finish with banging drums and a brilliant guitar solo with Spencer Krug's distinctively shrill vocals whirling away over the top.
The album is a lot more high energy and more angry than before still steeped in melody and complex twists with the emphasis on keyboards and piano parts and the running almost medieval fantasy theme with songs such as Black Swan, Dragons Layer,
including Krug's formal yet cryptic lyrics playing a main part in the overall style
of the album.
Dragonslayer is a brilliant addition to Sunset Rubdown's gleaming back catalogue and being a slightly more approachable album than usual will almost certainly gain them more a larger fanbase.

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