Sunday, 26 July 2009

The Stone Roses - Sinlges Collection

August the 10th sees the 20th anniversary re - release of The Stone Roses seminal self titled debut, one of the most important albums of its time. In the build up to this release they have been releasing a set of their first five singles with all sorts of art prints etc, the dates for these releases are:

6th July - ‘Elephant Stone’

13th July - ‘Made Of Stone’

20th July - ‘She Bangs The Drums’

27th July - ‘Fools Gold’

3rd August - ‘One Love’

So tomorrow will see the release of their biggest hit 'Fools Gold', there is a massive Facebook partition to get it to number one and a website set up featuring all sorts of archive material, It has been great to hear all of these classics again, they still feel as relevant today as they did twenty years ago. This is the sound of a band who would pretty much shape the outcome of the British music scene for years to come.

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