Monday, 6 July 2009

Wavves - Wavvves

After having probably their biggest year yet with the amazing and well deserved success of Fleet Foxes, Bella Union have a bit of money to play around with and invest in music that's a little bit harder to reach. Wavves are one of the bands they picked up on and I would say it was a wise decision. There has been a lot of fuss residing over Nathan Daniel Williams (otherwise known as Wavves) recently, just Google the name and you will find it residing over pretty much every music website, blog etc. Wavves are one of a few bands to seemingly rebel against the computer and record his album with an extremely hands on touch creating a very unique Lo-Fi sound. The lyrics are generally no different from what any other 22 year old suburban American skater kid would be writing, no job, no girlfriend, with songs like 'Weed Demon,' 'Going Nowhere,' and 'No Hope Kids' you get the idea... But it's the way in which those lyrics are transformed by the screaming, crackling guitars, beating drums and the pop hooks that are in there somewhere creating an album that is as challenging as it is charming and a sign of the times.

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