Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Prefuse 73, Dimlite. Sun 5th July. Audio, Brighton.

Prefuse and Dimlite. At Audio. Perfect so far, but maybe the fact its a Sunday night after a typically action packed Brighton weekend resulting in a slightly sparse crowd. Whatever, the people that have showed were in for a very special night. The low ceiling and the attentive sound Engineers helped make this an excellent showcase for the prodigious talents of Guillermo Scott Herren and Dimitri Grimm, Prefuse 73 and Dimlite respectively.First on display was the energetic and all-encompassing Bass-heavy Glitch of Dimlite. Incorporating ingredients from Glitch king Terminal 11, the Techy sounds of Aphex Twin, Burial-esque atmospherics and the warmer moments of Prefuse, stirred up in a highly individual and distinctive sound pot.
The variety of sounds and emotions created with a varied amount of Tech kit, Voice and Keys leaving most of the crowd in awe by its depth and inventiveness.
Setting the scene nicely for Mr Prefuse, one of the most progressive and inventive producers of the last 10 years. The charismatic Brooklyn based left-field Hiphop pioneer played a stunning set. Mixing in and sampling such greats as 'Gum' by Cornelius and lifting classics "Choking you" and "Perverted undertone" from the "One word extinguisher" Album and slightly more chilled and atmospheric latter Albums "Preparations" and "Everything she touched...", creating a multi-layered and engrossing performance. The dazzling abilities of Guillermo, Ryan and Dimitri resulted in a performance that was Organic and as deep as the Ocean as well as technically amazing was simply stunning.

Photography credits - Edward Bishop

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