Monday, 20 July 2009

Brodinski - Bugged Out Mix

Young French DJ and the hottest remixer in town Brodinski has debuted his mix album as part of the legendary Bugged Out mix series. This is a mix album filled with 303 beats, bleeping synths and tunes from the scenes best artists including Boy 8-Bit, KC Flightt, Noob, Zinc and plenty more.
All the tracks are blended superbly as only Brodinski can, they are blended so well that you would also be fooled into thinking that you were listening to one continuous track like some kind of electronic prog opus.
It doesn’t start getting energetic until the last half of the album when the tempo picks up and the dirty, distorted electro kicks in and you are given no other choice other than to embrace it and shake all that can be shaken. That’s not to say the first half isn’t exciting and energetic but this is more a groove based affair designed to make you nod your head and tap your feet, it’s like switching from Marvin Gaye to Metallica they’ll both get you moving but in different ways.
This is excellent edition to the Bugged Out series one which is sure to prove a big hit among the kids. Brodinski is also out and about DJing round Europe, including a couple of dates in the UK, and the world so be sure to check him out soon!

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