Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Chrissie Abbott

Whilst browsing the HMV in a local town the other day I came across Little Boots album in the charts and really enjoyed the geometric shapes and space age feel to the album artwork, it almost made me want to buy the album.
It didn't take long to find out the art direction for Little Boots album cover had been designed by Hackney, East London based designer Chrissie Abbott. The typography and illustrative elements in her work make it extremely rich and interesting to look at. Hand made typography has most certainly taken off in the last couple of years, quite possibly thanks to illustrators like Mike Perry and Chrissie's carefully constructed letterforms and shapes are definitely some of the best hand typography to be produced recently.
Her illustrations for the Guardians Understanding People Guide are crammed full of colours and carefully placed shapes creating really interesting images often with a psychedelic and festival feel to them. Really looking forward to seeing some more work from Chrissie in the future. Her website can be found here

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