Monday, 20 July 2009

The Temper Trap - Conditions

With their debut album 'Conditions,' Australian quartet The Temper Trap are treading dangerous ground. They have the ability to go one of two ways, one way would be to continue writing songs like 'Drum Song' and 'Rest' and undoubtedly gain mutual respect and admiration from a devoted group of fans and musicians alike, or they could go and do what Snow Patrol did and completely lose the ethics to which they started with, write some truly awful pop music and play Wembley or something.
I hope it's not the latter as Temper Trap do have a pretty decent debut album here, albeit a few tracks do get a bit too polished for my liking but for the best part there are some really great pop hooks that build up to some nice epicy finishes.
For the hardened music nerd Temper Trap will probably end up a guilty pleasure band, much alike Death Cab For Cutie, no one wants to admit they like them but will gladly whip out an album and listen to it with the greatest of ease.
Already playing some great dates in and around the Country over the next few months including Field Day next month they are sure to draw a crowd.
Check tracks 'Love Lost' and 'Resurrection'

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