Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Cave Singers - Welcome Joy

Cave Singers are another wonder from the seemingly unending amount of talent coming from Seattle and formed in the wake of three hardcore/Post Punk bands (Hint, Hint, Cobra High and Pretty Girls Make Graves) it is crazy to hear three musicians completely change direction but boy does it sound good.
Their debut, 'Invitation Songs' was an awesome debut but felt a lot more stripped down whereas Welcome Joy sounds like a band who have really found their sound and spent a lot of time pondering how to push it further and perfect what they have.
Each song just fills you with joy, with that hazy guitar, the subtle basslines and distinct vocals this is a perfect summer album, you can just imagine listening to it on a hot late August day as the sun is setting.
With their luscious, warming alt folk straight from the heart, the sort of sound that could glide across any venue and fill it with happiness.
If last year had Fleet Foxes for the summer, 2009 will have The Cave Singers.

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