Saturday, 29 November 2008

Brand Nu and his new book of colours

Internationally renowned designer Brand Nu has done it again. His new book. 'My New Book of Colours' is a fine example as to why he is a cut above the rest at this point in time. Showcasing his commissions from huge corporate brands such as O2 and the National Lottery to experimental pieces and collaborations his unique style has certainly caught the eye of a hugely diverse range of people. The book itself certainly looks the part,with the quality of the print on the cover actually making you want to pick it up and engulf yourself in its contents. With each new page enticing you to turn over to the next, in fact it would almost be a shame when you got to the end if it were not for the final surprise. A shiny gold package containing a cd with tracks carefully picked by the man himself to compliment the book.

Southampton. The town where Brand Nu hails from is covered with his work, it's hard to walk the streets without spotting something he has designed. Whether it be an advert for one of the many trendy clubs or a huge scale print in a restaurant, Brand Nu's unique style of design is hugely sought after which would account for why his first book, entitled 'Splatters, Shapes and Colours' completely sold out.

'My New Book of Colours' is well worth the time of day for any aspirational designer or fan of his work.

If you would like a copy of this fantastic insight the world of Brand Nu check the link below.

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Kieran Hebden and Steve Reid - Dingwalls 21/11/08

Dingwalls, a pokey little venue in Camden played host to a musical experiment, two musicians at the top of very different games. one of the most prolific contemporary jazz drummers Steve Reid who's career credits include playing alongside James Brown and Miles Davis and One of the most respected and brilliant dj's in the business Kieran Hebden, better known as Four Tet. The first thing I noticed was the diversity of the crowd, I don't think I have ever seen anything like it, anything from businessmen looking the wrong side of fifty to kids who certainly didn't look old enough to even get away with trying to buy a beer. The first band we saw were Queen of Swords who I had not heard before so I didn't know what to expect and I was impressed, they had an interesting sound.
Both musicians obviously enjoyed playing their music which really showed, their onstage jams were brilliant. The more well known tracks such as 'The Sun Never Sets' and Rhythm Dance' were played in and out of on the spot mixes with frantic changes of pace which, even for the mighty Steve Reid was hard to keep up with. It was one of those shows that the crowd were just bewildered as to what was going on in front of them. It was a really fun show and went all too fast, when they left the stage I was amazed how an hour and a halfs music passed by so quickly. Brilliant.

The Whip - The Scala 19/11/08

The Whip are a band that still to my surprise are reasonably unheard of. Their sound is just right for the trends in the current music scene and with bands like Justice and Late of The Pier becoming so big over the last year that bands such as The Whip and Cut Copy won't be far behind. The Scala was absolutely heaving, rammed full of people of all different ages armed with glowsticks and dancing like hell to every song played, lapping up every minute of the pretty intense gig. Right from the word go the energy of the band and the crowd reflected each other creating a perfect atmosphere for The Whips easily recognizable sound. Their stage presence was also a high point especially for their closing song 'Trash' with the Bass player screaming at the crowd for more and the crowd responding well. With the Whip already making a sizable venue like the Scala look intimate it won't be long before they play and probably sell oout bigger venues.

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Arnaud Loumeau. Awesome

This cool artist just added us on Myspace and I thought I would share his talent with everyone who reads the Boop. Check out Arnaud Loumeau, his work is awesome.

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Middle Boop at ATP

As a big fan of general All Tomorrows Parties events we all had pretty high hopes for release the bats before it had happened I was a little concerned about the time it finished and the lineup in general. Finishing at one it made it almost impossible for anyone living outside of the circle line to get home without paying stupid amounts for a cab or an arguos journey back on a night bus. We took the latter option taking the best part of three and a half hours to get home also with delays on the way up it meant in total we spent about six hours travelling meaning it would have been easier to drive to Minehead from London. Also starting so early again meant that anyone not living close to Kentish town missed at least one band. After Shellac had finished the venue cleared of all but a few hundred people ready to watch Om who's sludgy lo-fi sound was enough for me to walk out. Don't get me wrong, I like Om but it just wasn't the time.
It was a shame they didn't get someone a little more upbeat to fill that last slot to get the few people left really motivated. The performances of all that we saw were great, first up were Wooden Shjips with their spacey indie-rock going down a treat. Next were Les Savy Fav. A band who always put on a decent show, the highlight was turning round to see the lead singer hanging off of the balcony screaming his lungs out. But of course the highlight were Shellac coming out dressed as a mummy, a vampire and Frankenstiens monster, playing through their hits with intensity.
Lets be honest anyone who has been to an ATP gig knows they know how to put on a good showand it was a good night you can't deny that. I'll just have to befriend someone who lives in Camden next year

Thursday, 13 November 2008

No Age - Nouns

I picked this album up for two reasons. A. I really liked the design and artwork and B. Because they were signed to Sub Pop which, to me is generally a seal of approval. Its definately a grower. On first listen I didn't really get it and wondered why they had such a cult following. No Age's Nouns is the sort of sound you would get if you took a really under produced My Bloody Valentine, stripped them of all but bass guitar and drums and asked them to play something a little more upbeat which bugged me a little. But then I gave them another few listens and actually really started to find something in their sound that I liked. Maybe its the energy they put into their music. Maybe its the fact that they do sound raw which. In the time of being able to produce a reasonably decent sounding record from your bedroom is actually quite refreshing but there is definately something that keeps bringing me back to listen to these guys.

Man Push Cart

Man Push Cart is a film that contrives from the day to day life of a Pakistani immigrant in New York. Symbolising the metaphor for the man who pushes a boulder up a hill only to push it down again. Its a very refreshing and honest change to the general box office smash and certainly does not bow down to any Hollywood storylines. It is very 'back to basics' in the way it has been produced which adds to its charm. The dialogue is a key factor as to why it all works so well as it is very minimalist. It won awards worldwide and deserved it. Well worth a watch.

Monday, 10 November 2008

Oxes at the Luminaire

Oxes are one of those bands that I can honsetly say I have never heard anything quite like. Their sound is loud and brutal but yet fun at the same time. They are all great showmen, with each member including the drummer running around the stage, jumping off of the stage appearing in random places around the venue gives it something special. The sound was brilliant, the Luminaire is the sort of venue that really caters for this sort of sound. They started off with a few old favorites, and continued to plough through their back catalogue stopping midway through songs, jamming and joking with the audience. These guys have a large cult following and that showed by the sell out crowd. These guys are well worth checking out

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Au - Verbs

I discovered these guys yesterday in a dingy record shop somewhere in deepest, darkest Brighton. Their new album Verbs was playing in the shop and it was the first time in a few years that i've actually thought about putting back what I was about to buy in order to get their album instead. The music really caught me in a way that not many bands do and it normally takes a few listens to get it whereas with these guys it was an instant like. There is so much going on its hard to take it all in, played loud its quite overwhelming. Au's huge soundscape is mainly created by the multi talented Luke Wyland. Verbs is a full album, the tracks all flow well into each other. Au already have friends in high places supporting the likes of Fleet Foxes, Beach House and Phosphorescent and I should Imagine you will be hearing a lot more from these guys.