Saturday, 29 November 2008

Brand Nu and his new book of colours

Internationally renowned designer Brand Nu has done it again. His new book. 'My New Book of Colours' is a fine example as to why he is a cut above the rest at this point in time. Showcasing his commissions from huge corporate brands such as O2 and the National Lottery to experimental pieces and collaborations his unique style has certainly caught the eye of a hugely diverse range of people. The book itself certainly looks the part,with the quality of the print on the cover actually making you want to pick it up and engulf yourself in its contents. With each new page enticing you to turn over to the next, in fact it would almost be a shame when you got to the end if it were not for the final surprise. A shiny gold package containing a cd with tracks carefully picked by the man himself to compliment the book.

Southampton. The town where Brand Nu hails from is covered with his work, it's hard to walk the streets without spotting something he has designed. Whether it be an advert for one of the many trendy clubs or a huge scale print in a restaurant, Brand Nu's unique style of design is hugely sought after which would account for why his first book, entitled 'Splatters, Shapes and Colours' completely sold out.

'My New Book of Colours' is well worth the time of day for any aspirational designer or fan of his work.

If you would like a copy of this fantastic insight the world of Brand Nu check the link below.

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