Friday, 5 December 2008

Fujiya & Miyagi - Lightbulbs

In their third installment 'Lightbulbs' Brighton based electronica band Fujiya & Miyagi have really struck gold. From the opener Knickerbocker through to the awesome finisher Hundreds and Thousands, there is not a track that wouldn't make you want to get up and dance like your life depended on it. Their sound is quite minimal the use of synths and guitars can be used sparingly Which is not a bad thing as when they are used they are used well. Other bands such as Simian Mobile Disco, Justice etc lace each track with huge amounts of effects which works well for them but Fujiya & Miyagi do it that bit differently and it sounds great. The lyrics are also something that I found quite interesting, David Best half whispering half singing lines like 'Vanilla, Strawberry, Knickerbocker Glory, I saw the ghost of Lina Zavaroni.' which makes no sense but I seem to have that line in my head all the time.
With electronica having such a massive following at the moment bands like
Fujiya & Miyagi will be around for a while.

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