Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Middle Boop at ATP

As a big fan of general All Tomorrows Parties events we all had pretty high hopes for release the bats before it had happened I was a little concerned about the time it finished and the lineup in general. Finishing at one it made it almost impossible for anyone living outside of the circle line to get home without paying stupid amounts for a cab or an arguos journey back on a night bus. We took the latter option taking the best part of three and a half hours to get home also with delays on the way up it meant in total we spent about six hours travelling meaning it would have been easier to drive to Minehead from London. Also starting so early again meant that anyone not living close to Kentish town missed at least one band. After Shellac had finished the venue cleared of all but a few hundred people ready to watch Om who's sludgy lo-fi sound was enough for me to walk out. Don't get me wrong, I like Om but it just wasn't the time.
It was a shame they didn't get someone a little more upbeat to fill that last slot to get the few people left really motivated. The performances of all that we saw were great, first up were Wooden Shjips with their spacey indie-rock going down a treat. Next were Les Savy Fav. A band who always put on a decent show, the highlight was turning round to see the lead singer hanging off of the balcony screaming his lungs out. But of course the highlight were Shellac coming out dressed as a mummy, a vampire and Frankenstiens monster, playing through their hits with intensity.
Lets be honest anyone who has been to an ATP gig knows they know how to put on a good showand it was a good night you can't deny that. I'll just have to befriend someone who lives in Camden next year

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