Thursday, 13 November 2008

No Age - Nouns

I picked this album up for two reasons. A. I really liked the design and artwork and B. Because they were signed to Sub Pop which, to me is generally a seal of approval. Its definately a grower. On first listen I didn't really get it and wondered why they had such a cult following. No Age's Nouns is the sort of sound you would get if you took a really under produced My Bloody Valentine, stripped them of all but bass guitar and drums and asked them to play something a little more upbeat which bugged me a little. But then I gave them another few listens and actually really started to find something in their sound that I liked. Maybe its the energy they put into their music. Maybe its the fact that they do sound raw which. In the time of being able to produce a reasonably decent sounding record from your bedroom is actually quite refreshing but there is definately something that keeps bringing me back to listen to these guys.

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