Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Women, The Lexington 03/03/09

This is a gig I had been looking forward to for a long time. Since raving about their self titled album and watching their live set at the Cake Shop in New York ( see earlier blog) I had a feeling this would not dissapoint. I was right. The Lexington was absolutely rammed. Completely sold out and it felt like it. The first band on were Thee Fair Ohs, playing short, heavy, punk. I really liked them and was not expecting to see anything so heavy as were the rest of the crowd as noted by the lead singer "This is normally the part where people circle pit. But you're not gonna do that are you?" The second support slot was from Wavves, fresh out of that Lo-Fi, Californian movement thats keeping everyone on their toes at the moment. Wavves is made up of 22 year old Nathan Williams and drummer Ryan Ulsh. This is the first time they have been over here and they have sold out every date on tour, which shows you the levels of anticipation surrounding the duo. Their sound is simple and honest, with Williams angsty lyrics, combining loud, fuzzed up guitars with heavy drums. They already have a great stage presence, interacting with the crowd with a comic timing and with some awesome music I reckon we will be hearing a lot more from these guys.
Women came on stage a little later than planned due to the drummer losing his stick bag, but with a makeshift made out of socks and gaffa tape, there was no stopping them. The songs sounded brilliant live, each track blending into each other fluently with a few different takes on tracks from their debut self titled which made things interesting. Every track played with such intensity, ranging from atmospheric, almost shoegaze to indie, but indie when it was actually indie. They were full of surprises which made for an awesome show. My only niggle was that I wanted to hear more.

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