Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Strike the pose!

I’ve just finished watching the music video for Use Somebody by the Kings of Leon and my heart is filled with sadness at the fall of another victim of the ‘thousand yard stare’, oh Caleb, Caleb, Caleb and I thought you were cool. This look has taken many pop stars years to perfect after a strict regime of ‘How to conjure up fake emotions with stupid looks’ classes that have been forced upon them by Simon Cowell (I’m just guessing).
I’m going to keep this short, I despise when bands turn into models, they are not models they’re musicians so they should be musicians. I understand if they just so happen to be an attractive man/women in a band then fine, we can all admire them shaking they money-maker on stage not in the spring catalogue of Topshop.
Of course, bands have done this for many years, what’s the difference between this and using their music to advertise whatever product some drug company has created to solve our little lives? None, really, it’s all part of the business of music but that’s not what annoys me. I understand music is a business and I’ve made my peace with that. It’s just the greed of bands wanting to be a musician/actor/model/writer/philosopher/ poet/vodka dispenser etc it just gets tiresome the fact that these people trying to do this tend to be Jack of all trades and master of nothing, that’s right Caleb as a vodka dispenser you are below average.
There are, of course, excepts to this PJ Harvey is a very good sculptor but this is an extra curricular activity but she’s good at it and it wasn’t an after-thought from suddenly becoming famous.
The message is simple: having a hobby is good but it’s not a career, just because you’ve appeared on the cover of a few music magazines doesn’t make you a model.

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