Saturday, 28 March 2009


Norway has given us lots of things throughout the years; Death Metal, Black Metal, Doom Metal……….Christmas Trees but now they are giving us some electro-indie pop in the form of Moshi-Moshi records signing, Casiokids.
They will touring throughout the UK throughout May this year so be sure to catch them if you’ve been looking for someone with the slightly dark intensity of Crystal Castles but with the pop hooks and melodies of Hot Chip.
Earlier on this month saw them release their second single on Moshi Moshi, it was a double A side of tracks ‘Fot I Hose’ and ‘Verdens Storste Land’ (check out the video for ‘Fot I Hose’ it’s strange but kinda funny).
The big attraction to this band is not only their keen sense of writing good pop hooks but it’s also the fact that, when they do, they sing in their native Norwegian language (too many foreign bands sing in English, I think) and that they can swap from making grooving, slightly odd and twisted electro-indie to being slightly melancholic and still maintain their pop sensibilities and have us all joining their Scandinavian groove train. You’ll be dancing to them in no time!
Check Out: Fot I Hose, Togens Hule, Gront Lys I Alle Ledd
(Picture by Vinciane Verguethen)

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