Friday, 6 March 2009

Sky Larkin - The Golden Spike

Debut album by Leeds trio Sky Larkin is finally here and it’s about time too. From the first track you get the feeling that this is an album of alternative-indie gems. First single from the album, Fossil, I, is also the album opener with its Hounds of Love Futurehead’s style chorus only it’s not as annoying as the Futureheads howling. They do have an annoying habit, however, but it’s a habit of writing some fine guitar music with some keyboards thrown in for good measure.
The songs on the album rarely break the 3 minute mark, some are only are whisker over 2 minutes filled with heavy drums and distorted, bursting guitars with catchy lyrics and sing-a-long melodies, just look at the song Matador its just impossible not to sing to it, it’ll take some practice you’ll learn not to sing it in the High Street. This will certainly be a contender for the Middleboop albums of 2009.

If you like this try Land of Talk – Some Are Lakes

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