Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Abnormal Behavior Child

This is some of the best video production I've seen in a good while. Coming from a back ground where both myself and gordo where taught the basics of 3D modeling and video production/editing It really puts it in perspective how fucking long these guys spent on these projects. With the combination of video and interaction you can become lost in the amount of projects they have on offer. But please make sure you do have a good hunt around on this site because it is an archive full of their best videos and projects, and some are really very simple but their post production and editing just gives them a really cool, tech, modern, urban decay almost aphex twin(clique i know) kind of look to it. But if you are like me and are fairly bored of the internet please spend some time here because it does remind you of how much more the internet has to offer then facebook, myspazz etc
It really is as easy as ABC...

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