Tuesday, 17 March 2009

Boop's done Bloc!

Bloc is an odd festival. Once you get over the fact that you’re seeing some of the most respected, experimental and strange artists in electronic and that your seeing them at Butlins you then have to get used to the odd mix of people there. At Bloc you’ll be walking round with Hoxton Heroes, Indie Cindys, Dubsteppers, Junglists, old-skool ravers and people you’ve spent the last 20 years living their lives through the 4 letters M-D-M-A.
Highlight of the weekend has to go to Aphex Twin who put an amazing set with fellow electronic music loving Hecker. I was nervous about seeing him live because his set could have gone either way being ambient or glitchy, beat heavy electronica, luckily it was the latter. Opening their set with a computerised message appearing on the screen expressing his disdain for the audience, apparently is cool to hate your audience, then shuffle on stage minus his trade mark long hair and then lead the audience through his warped electronic world, it was all fantastic (well, except the hating me bit but I’ll forgive him). Dropping in not only his own works during his set but also tracks from other artists, my favourite was Frequency by Altern8 which he added his own Aphex Twin twist to.
Other highlights of the weekend included Detroit techno guru Carl Craig whose set blasted through the speakers with some of the finest Detroit techno and electro there is that had everyone there reaching for the lasers.
Dubstep superstars Skream and Benga provided everyone the opportunity for everyone to hear what Dubstep is all about with an amazing back to back DJ set, I would definitely say that they were probably the best DJ’s of the weekend.
Other special mentions of the weekend has to go to Brooklyn based duo Metro Area for their funky electro set that even I couldn’t resist moving my feet to. Ed Banger records head honcho Busy P (Pedro Winter) played through some of the labels finest selections and all mixed in with the hottest electro and hip-hop from around the world.
For all you Booper’s who like a boogie to some indie, electro and indie-electro then Isa GT is a name to check out and catch her spinning her musical goodness in a club near you.

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