Sunday, 22 March 2009

Clark - Growls Garden

Mr Clark you have done it again! this is great. The Title track has become one of my favorite Clark songs already, starting off as quite an atmospheric electro and building up to a really dirty, distorted beat that sets the tone for the whole ep, also featuring the mans voice, albeit mixed under layers and layers of gritty electro. I am a little biased as most of these songs were showcased at his set at Bloc festival last week, which was one of the best sets I have ever seen someone play and listening to it again really brings it all back.
Growls Garden has to be played loud to really appreciate how good it is, each of the six songs flow well into each other and all have something different to offer. Dark, dirty, heavy layers of synths, effects and this is his most upbeat release, I can't stop listening to it. Brilliant.

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