Sunday, 22 March 2009

Jeniferever - Spring Tides

Prog Rockers Jeniferever formed in 1996 but still have not received the press that they deserve. 'Spring Tides' is very distinctive of their Swedish heritage, think Katatonia, Opeth, etc with aural landscapes of slow paced melodies building to orchestral like climaxes, there is a lot of passion behind their music, its a very serious album, perhaps too serious. Stand out tracks such as 'Concrete and Glass' and 'Ox-Eye' showcase the intensity of their music with heavily delayed synths and guiitars and Kristofer Jonson's soft, almost Robert Smith esq vocals. My only problem is it feels a little over produced at times, which, I guess goes with the territory of Swedish Prog but I would fully recommend this to any budding Prog fan looking for something new.

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