Wednesday, 22 April 2009

The Long Lost - The Long Lost

When talking about Ninja Tune they are generally associated with some of the best and most hardcore Dj's, Rap, etc but delve into their vast catalogue of artists and you will find acoustic, funk, psychadelia, etc. This is where the long lost fit in. Husband and wife team Alfred A. Darlington and Laura B. Darlington combine to create a quaint album of acoustic melody. Each song is very delicate, and very intimate. This is a move away from what is usually expected of Alfred A. Darlington who you may also know as producer Daedelus but the married couple have created an album full of whimsical, fairytale tracks, with the highlights being 'Ballroom Dance Club' and 'Sibilance' where in both tracks they kick it up a notch.

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