Monday, 13 April 2009

Headlights - Some Racing, Some Stopping

Recorded in their farmhouse studio, Headlights second album is a brilliant blend of alt Indie with a bit of pop thrown in. Just a little bit. So think Broken Social Scene rather than The Killers... There really are some instantly likable, catchy songs here, it already has the makings of a classic summer album. There is a lot less attention on the spacey, atmospheric side that revolved around their debut (although listen carefully and you can still hear some brilliantly delayed guitar work,) concentrating instead on crafting songs around a style of classic pop harking back to the sixties, check out 'Catch Them All' and opener 'Get Your Head Around It.'
Since their debut in 2004 they have pretty much been touring non stop, playing somewhere around 300 shows in two years and they aren't stopping there, with a month long tour over America just started 2009 could really be a big year for Headlights.

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