Sunday, 5 April 2009

Flying Lotus - Lightbox - 02/04/09

BLACK! BLACKNESS... is what we were greeted with after getting of the train in Vauxhall! A complete blackout of only the Vauxhall area, on the night not only that flying lotus is playing but playing in the lightbox - unique for having walls composed of a wraparound array of 15,000 programmable LED's!
But never fear after hour of pissing about it was all back on track.
Flying Lotus is from the very accomplished music family, the Coltrane's, stating them as one of his biggest influence you know you are in for something special when he plays.
The venues was a sell out the LEDs were flashing and kode 9 has successfully warmed up the crowed playing a series of great tracks including Joker, Harmonic 313 and his final tune, an untitled track by Burial!
After launching a few CDs out Fly Lo cracked on playing a selection of tunes form his back catalogue, RESET, 1983 and Los Angeles Part 1&2, but also some exclusive new tracks which of course sent the crowd into a heavy skank! From looking a Fly Lo from behind the decks you get a real impression he really enjoys what he is doing, he completely feeds of the energy created in the venue and then slaps it back into your face with a massive grin, as he said he always had a special place for London in his heart and it showed!
The combination of the killer sound system, the sick venue and the line up just made for a great gig from some of the world most forward thinking music producers!
If you haven’t seen FlyLo I can't recommend him enough so I expect to see everyone there when he comes back for London’s ‘09 Brainfeeder event this June!

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