Sunday, 19 April 2009

Errors - ICA

The first thing to note about this gig was the venue, the Institute of Contemporary Arts, an up market, reasonably pretentious gallery and restaurant just down the road from Buckingham Palace with a venue somewhere at the back. So right from the start I knew it wouldn't be just any old gig. After the opening act (who don't even bear mentioning) it was time for Blk Jks, a band who I was pretty curious about seeing live after hearing their new Ep. They certainly met my expectations and much more, each member showcased a diverse range of talents, the set was tighter than+ proving that they have spent a hell of a lot of time perfecting their intriguing sound the drummer was going absolutely mental throughout the whole set and their standout songs were elongated with carefully crafted jams, they were also being watched by Kate Nash and that guy from the Cribs. Their next stop is supporting Squarepusher at the Southbank Center.
Now on to Errors, a band that have been a favorite of mine for a while now. They played a blinder of a set, coming out to the theme of Jurassic Park and interacting with the crowd with comments like 'We're going to play some songs for you now. In case you hadn't already figured that one out,' showing a lighter side to the post rock/electro. Their set was a mix of most of the old favorites such as Salut! France and Toes which sounded brilliant and a showcase of songs from their upcoming ep sounding like a band who are going places. This was a great show performed by two great bands who I suspect neither will be playing venues of such capacity for much longer.

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