Friday, 3 April 2009

Kaki King - Jazz Cafe 02/04/2009

Kaki King has built up quite a reputation over the last few years as being one of the most amazing contemporary guitarists, live she certainly does live up to this reputation. Its not just the fact that she's great at guitar, decent guitarists are ten a penny but there are few who can take that talent and apply it to write songs as beautiful and brilliant as the ones she displayed last night. This was the first time I had seen her and the first I had heard about her for a while but as soon as she jumped up on stage starting out with one of my favorite tracks '...Until We Felt Red' I was speechless. In the quiet parts you could literally hear a pin drop around the packed out Jazz Cafe everyone was staring, mouths wide open in awe. Every song sounded a million times better live, so much intensity and emotion involved, her session musicians complimented her amazingly, with some of the best drumming I have seen for a while and the other guy playing a crazy synth with a mouthpiece that you play like a trumpet (if you can imagine such a thing.) Her stage presence was also something to note she was really open with the crowd and at times it just felt like you were having a conversation with a mate at a bar. This was the last night on an extensive tour of Europe but everyone was still so energetic.
The whole gig blew me away. Phew...

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