Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Camera Obscura - My Maudlin Career

It's perfect timing for Scottish band Camera Obscura's fouth album to be released, the sun is finally out, Spring is well and truly here and now all people need is some happy, summery music. Camera Obscura have been around a few years now, with John Peel and Stuart Murdoch of Belle and Sebastian early champions of their music. They are now regarded as one of Scotlands hottest exports. For me this is perfect summer music, which is crazy because, as always the lyrics are steeped melancholy, loves long lost, etc, but the music itself is far from that. Relating more to 60's style pop or swing, with the string quartets and upbeat tempos. After the first couple of high energy tracks the album slows down somewhat with a few ballads but as an album full of surprises the final track 'Honey In The Sun' is a well orchestrated, heartwarming song. My Maudlin Career is an album that I listen to and think how could anyone not like this?

If you haven't heard Camera Obscura already, My Maudlin Career is the perfect introduction.

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