Monday, 6 April 2009

Immaculate Machine - High On Jackson Hill

Canadian’s Immaculate Machine have returned with their latest offering called ‘High n Jackson Hill’ and at times this album proves to be a hard one to pin down. Switching from folk-ballads to Pavement style alt-rock riffs with a slightly psychedelic, glammed up edge all underpinned with melodic vocals.
On this album the opted to hammer out the tracks on the spot rather than painstakingly polish every track in the studio. This, however, does give the album a fresh and raw atmosphere but this is most likely due to the band recording it in songwriter Brooke Gallupe’s empty parent’s house.
One of the stand out elements of the album if Gallupe’s odd, honest, and sometimes touching lyrics. From listening to some of them there seems to be a sense of loss that flows throughout the album and with the male/female vocal harmonies it adds an extra layer to the already beautifully textured music.
As a whole the album is quite relaxed even during the more rock orientated songs aren’t trying to blast your ear drums with a billion decibels of fast paced guitar riffs. At times it can have the feel of relaxed, lazy summer album and just in time too!
Essential listening: Thank Me Later, You Destroyer, I Know It’s Not Easy, Blurry Days

Available 27th April on Mint Records

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