Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Twilight Sad - The Lexington

The Lexington is quickly becoming a legendary venue in London. Having only been open a year or so it has already played host to some brilliant up and coming gigs, recently the likes of Women and Au have both played outstanding sets. Tonight was Twilight Sad's turn, playing a one off gig in London before jetting off for an extensive tour of America, the country where they initially made their name.
Despite a limit on the sound which could be a problem for a band like Twilight Sad who are known for creating huge walls of sound but it didn't seem to matter as they exploded into opener 'Reflections Of The Television' with pounding drums and atmospheric guitars and a catchy chorus sang in James Graham's heavy Glaswegian accent which built up to an epic, distorted guitar finish sucking the crowd in straight away and not letting up until they had finished.
The material from their hotly anticipated new album sounded great among the classics such as 'Walking For Two Hours' and 'And She Would Darken The Memory' and displayed a sense of refinement in their already amazing sound without losing any of their initial spark and if anything sounding a damned site louder, with songs such as 'I Became A Prostitute' already seeming to be fan favourites and the guys seem really happy with what they have achieved and taken aback by the kudos they have been given.
This intense performance was a triumphant return to London and on the back of this I can't wait to hear their new album or see them when they come back later on in the year to play bigger venues.

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