Monday, 24 August 2009

Middle Boop in Brussels

Thanks to Eurostar and their Little Break Big Difference campaign myself and a whole host of other bloggers, designers and writers were invited for an all expenses trip to Brussels.
The good times included a trip to the Margritte Museum, a BBQ on the beach, a huge tour around the city and local Beer and food tatsing.
I was amazed at the stunning architecture, brilliant murals dotted around the city and the crazy things we found on our travels, such as a party just off the centre of town where local proprietors were giving out free food and beer, the beer, in fact was dubbed as the best beer in the world and when the bartender was asked he replied 'because it's free!'
The whole trip and the people I met proved very inspirational
Thanks to Sarah and everyone at We Are Social,
for an awesome time.
There are lots more photos and videos here.

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