Monday, 3 August 2009

Pissed Jeans - King Of Jeans

With their third album, Pissed Jeans have created a no hold barred album full of fuzzed up riffs, crazy vocals and the energy levels and aggression of
King Of Jeans is reminiscent of bands such as Jesus Lizard, which, especially just after seeing Jesus Lizard is most certainly a good thing.
It has been a while since I have heard a band that can actually write a really good heavy rock song and that's what King Of Jeans comprises of, a number of very good rock songs. This being their second album on Sub Pop, Pissed Jeans roped in legendary producer Alex Newport, who has worked with Sepultura, At The Drive In and The Locust in the past, he has helped blend Pissed Jeans sound into a more raw, stripped back feel which really works well and refines an already solid sound.
Songs like 'Pleasure Race' and 'Half Idiot' contain the sort of riffs and intensity that seems to be fairly rare at the moment. With a sound like this you can bet that they will have an awesome live show. Hitting the road for a substantial part of this year, Pissed Jeans would be well worth checking out.

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