Thursday, 6 August 2009

Apostle Of Hustle - Eats Darkness

Apostle Of Hustle are one of the many Canadian indie supergroups that consist of members of Broken Social Scene, Feist and Amy Millan to come from the label Arts and Crafts over the last few years and the music does draw certain similarities but as an album still manages to hold its own against the others.
In this, their third album it sounds a lot more Lo - Fi than most, with some very raw sounding instruments and drums that sound like they were recorded in a basement (in fact they probably were considering the last two were recorded in between tours with other bands such as Broken Social Scene and Feist.)
Eats Darkness is very much a retrospective of the interesting sounds that are coming from Canada at the moment, with the likes of Women and Chad Vangaalen creating successful Lo - Fi indie albums recently and there are some very cool songs on this album, a lot more upbeat than a lot of their peers.
The only thing that annoys me about this album are the 3 or 4 30 second tracks that are just samples of people talking about random stuff that act as openers to the actual songs but don't really work for me. Apart from that, this is a really good album and another fine addition to the contemporary indie rock scene.

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