Sunday, 16 August 2009

Simian Mobile Disco - Temporary Pleasure

These days Simian Mobile Disco are pretty firmly rooted as one of the biggest Electro bands around with the duo receiving huge applause from their last album 'Attack Decay Sustain Release' and with their new album Temporary Pleasure, they look to set to raise their game even higher.
Temporary Pleasure, which is out today sees SMD collaborating with a host of reasonably fashionable indie stars including Gruff Rhys, Beth Ditto, Telepathe and Jamie Lidell who all add their own style to the album.
Getting so many stars to collaborate on one album is always a bit of a high risk venture but in this case each person really adds something a little different their track which makes for an album full of surprises as you just don't know which way it will go next, whether its the heavy beats and crazy electro noise of track nine Ambulance, the three minute catchy pop of 'Cruel Intentions' featuring Beth Ditto or the relentless of 'Off The Map' featuring Jamie Lidell.
Despite the variety of different vocalists it still feels very much like an SMD album, with their hectic range of dancefloor friendly electro beats and actually the stand out tracks are ones that feature no special guest. Tracks like '1000 Horses Can't Be Wrong' and 'Ambulance' showcase a much more heavy electro sound with build ups and big basslines which feels more what they are about.
The follow up to such a successful album was always going to be tricky but I feel that Simian Mobile Disco have an album that stands out as well as the last.

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