Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Phantom Band - Boiler Room 20/02/09

I descended upon the godforsaken suburbs to witness Scottish label Chemikal Underground's (Mogwai and Arab Strap's old label) latest prospect. It was interesting to see what a dingy rock bar in the heart of middle class Guildford would look like. It was interesting to say the least, with the toilets so immaculate they would not look out of place in an upmarket restaurant. The Phantom Band have a really adventurous sound, with songs ranging from almost minimal electro to Neil Young influenced acoustic numbers. It really surprised me how much I liked them, from the moment they came on playing all sorts of different instruments. The sound was immaculate, and their set was tight enough to know a lot of attention to detail. My only concern was that the crowd didn't seem too interested. I guess as it was a club night people weren't all there to see the band. The Phantom Band seem to have no boundaries and are producing music that can only come from Scotland. I predict a good year for these guys.

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