Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Dolby Anol – Tender Touch

If you’ve seen German electro/techno DJ Boys Noize you probably would have heard Scottish electro upstarts previous release ‘Puppies’. Well, now they’re back with their second release on Back Yard records and it’s called ‘Tender Touch’. It’s glamorous electro which you can’t resist to tapping your feet to! Its got just enough pop sensibility in it for you to dance, sing along and enjoy but backed up by enough stomping electro for you to have a jolly good rave to. I guarantee you’ll be dancing to this in a club soon!

Appaloosa – The Day We Fell In Love

When you first start listening to this record you could almost be fooled into thinking you were listening to a new Feist or PJ Harvey but you’re not. Starting the track with a simple piano riff and solitary voice you might be thinking you’re listening to yet another female singer/songwriter but what you’re actually listening to is Kitsune’s newest release from boy/girl duo Appaloosa. As the simple yet effective intro moves along it soon makes way for Cut Copy style beats and synths. Once that takes over the track morphs into a kind of summertime euphoria. The outro does get a bit tiring as it’s repeated a few too many times with its one vocal line and music riff going round and round and round but apart from that one little nit-pick it’s a damn fine tune.

Essential Selection

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Dolby Anol – Puppies
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