Sunday, 8 February 2009

Papier Tigre - The Beginning and End of Now

Papier Tigre are a band still pretty unheard of over this neck of the woods but with their constant touring and major appearance on the main stage at last year's All Tomorrows Parties mean it will only be a matter of time before people stop and listen. And listen they should, in their second installment 'The Beginning and End of Now' they go further in consolidating their stylisitc sound. Heavy bass riffs with strange, misplaced guitar licks running all the way through. The album is a lot heavier than earlier material which works really well. Think At The Drive In but more stripped down and less intense. There is a great underground scene over in France made up of a number of exciting heavy bands in which Papier Tigre are at the forefront.For a three piece these guys make quite a racket and with a loud and energetic live show, Papier Tigre are well worth checking out.

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