Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Abe Vigoda - Skeleton

God these guys don't half make a noise. At first it was really hard to get my head round their hugely eclectic sound. There are elements of Punk, No Wave, Pop and there is definitely some At The Drive In, in there somewhere. Its fast paced, high energy stuff, with the opener 'Dead City/Waste Wilderness' throwing the listener in at the deep end straight away and their songs ranging anywhere from 90 seconds to 3 minutes it will take a few listens to work out what the hell is going on.
They have been going for a few years now but Skeleton is the album that really brings the quality of their sound out. This is raw but their debut was perhaps a little too raw. The sound the two guitarists kick out is more like a steel drum with a lot of reverb. They are one of those bands that you know will be awesome live.
Skeleton is another classic to add to the ever expanding L.A. Lo-Fi scene which has seen bands like No Age and Health pick up a heap of praise last year. With a new E.p out imminently Abe Vigoda are ones to watch.

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