Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Parts and Labor - Cargo 19/02/09

This is a gig I had been looking forward to for a while. Parts and Labor have a great mix of electro tinged, pop that hoooks you in right from the start. Their support came from 'Experiment on a bird in The Air Pump,' a band that seem to be everywhere at the moment. A very eclectic mix of fuzzed up, distorted basslines and pounding drums, I kep thinking they remind me of an early 80's Matchbox with a lot more going for them.
Parts and Labor came on and instantly had the crowd going with the opening track from their latest album 'Satellites.' A brilliant way to start the gig , the level of high energy from the crowd and band was maintained throughout the gig. Parts and Labor have that connection with the crowd that only comes with time and experience on stage. Being so comfortable on stage meant that not only the crowd was at ease, but when the bassist asked for the disco ball to be put on there was an enfatic roar from the crowd as if to suggest the whole crowd were hanging on his every word, adn when he jumped into the crowd people went nuts.
The new additions to the lineup Sarah Lipstate on guitar and Joe Wong on drums fitted in nicely with some amazing drum work and intersting guitar parts. I felt the sound let them down slightly as the electro glitches and and samples were drowned out by the vocals but didn't distract from an awesome show.

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