Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Diplo - Decent Work For Decent Pay.

Philadelphia born Dj and Producer Diplo's Decent Work For Decent Pay showcases a collection of remixes and his own tracks from the last few years. If this album proves anything its that he certainly has friends in high places.
His collection of remixes caught my attention as they contain a few tracks that I love, Peter, Bjorn and John's 'Young Folks,' Css 'Let's Make Love...' and M.I.A's Paper Planes. All are pretty interesting re-workings and well wortha listen for any fan but I must say that the highlights on the album are his own tracks, such as 200, Way More Brazil and Smash A Kangaroo. It shows that having complete creative freedom he can really make some decent music. There are a few surprising additions such as Bloc Party and Black Lips in which he has included his trademark dirty basslines and a few other neat Production techniques but I would have liked to have heard more of his own music on the album.

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