Monday, 6 December 2010

James Blake – ‘Limit To Your Love’ (Atlas) – Single of the week

Nobody would have guessed that James Blake could sing. Considering how talented he is at producing post-dubstep beats you’d have thought he took his musical talent in that direction because he didn’t have talent in any of the more traditional areas. However, this cover of Feist’s ‘The Limit To Your Love’ proves that you shouldn’t jump to conclusions. His gorgeously aching voice perfectly coats the sparse and melancholic pianos that make up this ballad. Although he may be singing about someone else, it couldn’t be clearer that this is an internal, solitary, private thought, unshared with the lover in question. The tantalising silences between piano chords are just as important as the music itself, surreptitiously adding weight and emotion to this already histrionic song. The final addition of genius is the addition of the shuddering bass, (something that Blake is more accustomed to) which one may think of as the sound of Blake’s body shuddering under the pressure of this intensely emotional relationship he’s singing about.

Words : Robert Hakimian

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