Monday, 6 December 2010

Foxx Bandits 'Gold Dresses EP'

Making a dramatic shift so early in a bands existence is a tricky decision, fraught with troubles and tribulations. When moving away from an initial sound, an artist risks losing the fan base established with the original gamut of gigs and tracks unleashed into the internet and beyond. So, to see a group deftly side-step such issues and forge a bold new identity is terribly commendable.
Foxx Bandits have evolved from a rag-tag group of students, patching themselves together a tapestry of scuzzy indie folk, with dollops of violin, to a mature mob of musicians with a punch of bass and a great big dollop of fuzz attaching itself to their newly cemented shoegaze vibe.

'Gold Dresses' is the debut release from the foursome, consisting of four wonderfully realised tracks which fool about with the boundaries of genre. Opening track 'Beach Fatigue' pounds its way into life before gritty refrains and bold vocal statements bleed surprisingly into a high-pitched chorus, highlighting the range on offer in the voice box of lead singer, Jith Amarasinghe. 'Kafka' provides a subtley sweet lull to the rough and tumble of this record, presenting such a pretty little ditty aided by a lyrical tale for the ages. A savage breakdown in the last minute highlights the lo-fi ethos at the heart of the act, despite the emotive skirmish teasing its way between the tracks. 'Youth' and 'Gold Dresses' close the album with a fusion of the sentimental reflection and growling riffs seen in the aforementioned creations.

'Gold Dresses' is an EP with it's pulse on something faintly stupefying, churning up a soul melting meld of genres that seem to be spiking in the musical scene right about now, hinting that 2011 could prove to be a year to really dig these Foxx Bandits.

Words : Adam Parker

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