Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Mogwai Mogwai Mogwai

In preperation for Mogwai's imminant release of their sixth studio album they have released a mini ep. The first song 'Batcat,' which is also their first single is definately a progression from some of the heavier tracks off of the last album Mr Beast. Its very stripped down compared to their usual style and has reminance of bands like Pelican and Isis, the main riffs are literally brutal.
The other two tracks stay similar to their usual formula. The amusingly titled
'Stupid Prick Gets Chased By The Police And Loses His Slut Girlfriend.' Sounds just as breathtaking as fans have become used to and the last track devil rides incorporates the styalised vocals of Roky Erikson of the 13th Floor Elevators which
really compliments the track. If their album is as good as the ep it will be another benchmark.

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