Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Micah P Hinson - And The Red Empire Orchestra

Micah P. Hinson. Just another notch to the already bulging belt of alternative music to come from Austin Texas. With a voice as deep and booming as Johnny Cash he has a lot to live up to. In his fourth instalment Hinson teams up with the Red Light Orchestra shedding new light on his usual dark and gloomy, reverberated acoustic ballads. The highlights coming from track 2 'Tell Me It Ain't So'
in which the track is built up very subtly until the chorus with his heart rendering refrain of 'constantly craving what isn't mine.' Live the thought of a gloomy acoustic guy would be enough to put a lot of people off but his songs are rearranged and his backing band make the songs energetic and so interesting you can hardly take your eyes off the stage. Micah P. Hinson is a name to remember as I get the feeling he has a lot more to offer.

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