Wednesday, 10 September 2008


Did some hunting for some nice interactive sites...

First off a load of sites by this greek artist dude; Angelo Plessas
Really simple stuff but cool for the 30 seconds you spend on them:

Then we have, these guys are from merry old japan and damn do they know there stuff. Considering these sites were made in 2002+, it makes me wonder how the west has pretty much not even attempted to even try and do something like this!?!
First you have there actual home page with some cool little moving blobs and the such, hunt around the achieve for way more as well:

Then you have this, what seems like a cool idea to me. Its like a kind of enhanced podcasting site. All entries are provided by text and voice-sound data, which are played with synchronized motion. Posted sound data is analyzed in the server and it's volume history is visualized to Avatar's motion. Users can throw their comments on each entry, then computer voice is generated on server-side text-to-speech system. Its all in Japaneese which is a bit anoying, but why has this not been brought over?

This I think is great, they have developed a typographic book search application called "amaztype". Where you can make your own typography with amazon search results
its pretty damn cool, obviously the top searches being sex fuck & jenna jameson:

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