Monday, 8 November 2010

Let's Wrestle - The Lexington - 3/11/10

Last week's show at the Lexington saw London's very own Let's Wrestle take to the stage to support last weeks re-release via Full Time Hobby, In The Court of Wrestlings Let's. Not even the increasingly regular tube strikes could deter me from getting within the doors of the gracious Lexington this fine November night.

Support came in the form of BITCHES. Armed with a droll sense of humour, songs about Vampires, Henry VIII and holidaying outside of Millwall, with a noise that your ears will need warming up to if you've come in straight out from the cold. The noisy bass / drum duo played to a relatively empty room, however I'm pretty sure you could hear them from over the road. Not so much a warm up, more like a rude awakening, BITCHES didn't fail to impress.

Tooting's Dignan Porch were up next, approaching with a much less laid back style, the quintet mixed casio's synths and guitar riffs equally, giving us a selection of songs to tap our feet too. Sadly, their set was plagued with technical difficulties, ranging from the input of the lead guitar not registering, to our same man running out of plectrums. Luckily in the instance of the latter, Let's Wrestle's Wesley was on hand to give a spare pick or two.

By the time Let's Wrestle had made it onto stage the room had sufficiently filled up, and anticipation was in the air. The boys played a solid amount of songs from their debut record, however to my delight also included numerous tracks from the previous EP, In Loving Memory Of…

Thankfully no technical difficulties got in their way as they steadily ploughed through a set of popular songs with enough energy not to be accused of not trying hard enough. Bishop's frenetic drumming style, combined with Mike Lightning's bass solo's were topped off by Wes' energetic front man duties.

Wes' laid back vocals always gave me the impression Let's Wrestle didn't care all that much, but the illusion was shattered upon seeing them live - powerful, abrasive and infectious.

If Music Was My Girlfriend, I think she would have run off that night and left me to catch a replacement bus service home alone.

Words : Neil Phillips
Photos : Tom Stacey

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