Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Chad Valley - Chad Valley EP (Cascine)

Anything you want, Chad Valley has got. Hugo Manuel not only hits a strike with his band Jonquil, even on his own the young artist from Oxford is doing well. Under the name of Chad Valley he released his first EP full of funky rhythms as if Michael Jackson had preached them in the late seventies and hazy beats like Animal Collective without hiding behind psychedelic walls.

However summer’s already gone, Chad Valley takes you back to a lazy sunny day at the ocean. On the smooth song ‘Portugese solid summer’ you taste the fuzzy cocktails on the beach. ‘Up and down’ is just a smooth ride with your surfboard on some crazy waves. And ‘Anything’ is probably the best song to practice on your Lambada dance steps. Listening to Chad Valley equals no stress at all.

Of course Washed Out, Neon Indian and Memory Tapes have done this trick before, but that’s not the point. These youngsters aren’t here to reinvent music. Artists like Chad Valley, Washed Out, ect. are masters in creating this imaginary world based on some of their childhood memories, good vibrations, forgotten funky soft pop and hilarious B – movies of the seventies and eighties. Who wouldn't like to live in this dream forever?

Listening to Chad Valley’s songs makes you realise music is just about having fun. It’s the reason why The Beach Boys started their band fifty – four years ago and it’s the same for Hugo Manuel as well. Just by enjoying and making easy listening music he makes your day. Although this EP is a short introduction to Chad Valley’s songs, you want it to last forever.

Words : Kasper - Jan Raeman

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