Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Fucked Up - The Peel, Kingston, 10/08/10

After seeing Fucked Up play to around 500-600 people whilst headlining the 1234 Festival a few weeks back and quite sadistically rip apart the stage and crowd with their angular take on Hardcore, I was interested to see how a band with such a large following would bring their mental stage show to such a tiny venue, seeing as the pit at the 1234 was bigger than the entire venue they would be playing in tonight.

To anyone who hasn't been to The Peel before, let's set the scene; The Peel is the only venue this far south of London within a massive radius that doesn't play host to old Clapton tribute acts and 15 year olds murdering whatever slither of dignity the Chili Peppers have left every night of the week. It was quite big on the British Rock and Ska scene a few years back when bands like Capdown were popular but now the real highlights are when, every so often they put on a 'secret' show when a large band wants to showcase new material.

Tonights performance showcased a lot of material from their upcoming Year Of The Ox 12" out a little later this year and some old classics such as Crusades, all played at the sort of deafening levels that make you realise ear plugs are always a good choice.

A Fucked Up show is really something to behold, they are the epitome of a 'live' band, before the first song has even dropped, lead singer Pink Eye has already got his shirt off and is in the crowd ambling in between the pit, grabbing people and generally making a nuisance of himself whilst screaming his gut wrenching vocals and smashing things over his head. The sheer volume and intensity of the gig had everyone totally in awe. Next time these guys are in town, make sure you catch them as you will be missing out on a real treat.

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